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Service Learning


By completing SGA initiatives, projects, and events members are eligible for Service Learning credit. This is an experiential learning pedagogy that moves students beyond the classroom to become active participants in their learning and develop civic knowledge and skills. For BCC, this is represented by a notation on student transcripts to acknowledge the completion of related volunteer hours. Please read more below for qualifications and the process.

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Mission Statement

Service Learning at Bergen Community College fosters civic responsibility by combining active learning and service to the community with educational and leadership opportunities for students.

Service-Learning is optional in certain courses and involves students in an organized community service activity through classroom direction that addresses local needs. It is now also offered by some clubs and student organizations and programs on campus by molding their community outreach, civic engagement activities or volunteer service to fit the Service Learning model.

  • A minimum of 10 hours of service

  • Relevant Learning

  • A Reflection Piece

It enriches the learning experience by moving students from the margin of the classroom experience to the center.  It “brings books to life and life to books.” Please click the link below to access the hours tracking sheet.

Service Learning Tracking

Benefits and Outcomes

The Service Learning program helps students come to see the relevance and importance of academic work in their real life experience. It enhances students’ self-esteem by allowing them to “Make a Difference” through their active and meaningful contribution to their communities. It broadens perspectives and enhances critical thinking skills. It improves interpersonal and human relations skills which are increasingly viewed as the most important skills in achieving success in professional and personal spheres. It provides guidance and experience for future career choice. It is noted on Official Academic Transcripts.

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