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Our Commitment to Progress

The Student Government Association is constantly working on projects and initiatives that address important issues within the college and be an advocate for the student body.  Take a look at some of our past projects to learn about what the SGA had achieved historically and also some of our current projects to stay up to date on what we're up to!


Feminine Hygiene Products

In an effort to make Feminine Hygiene Products more accessible, SGA partnered with facilities. Starting with the 1st-floor L-wing women's restroom, free tampons and pads are available for free. Our hope is to continue opening the conversation on reproductive health. 

Screenshot 2023-04-12 at 5.10.14 PM.png


SGA Endorses new dining vendor

SGA Members had the opportunity to voice their opinion on dining choices. Members met with the selection committee, participated in food tastings, and voted on the new food vendor.  

 Click here to read the endorsement.



SGA Meets with Club Leaders

A Bergen SGA Bill to approve a designated meeting where all club leaders will meet at least once a month and the SGA Executive Board would officiate the meeting. Click here to read all of the details.



Youtube Channel Launched

Visit our Youtube channel by clicking here

View: Campus tours, Spanish Interviews, relive campus events, and more!


Anti Racism Webinar

Dr. Warren Chalken PhD and SGA Judiciary Board conducted a webinar to educate and offer resources that will create an environment where all students and staffs of all ethnic groups feel safe in our community and increase the student body's sensitivity towards discrimination.



Active Minds Chapter

The Active Minds Chapter began as an SGA initiative to raise awareness and advocate for mental health for students. Now, it is an established club for all BCC students to take part in!


COVID-19 Food Donations

In the summer of 2020 during the first outbreak of COVID-19, the SGA was able to donate several meals to the Valley Hospital as a thank you to our brave front-liners!



Voting Seat for the Alumni Trustee

​Recent graduates from Bergen Community College have an opportunity to contribute their student experiences to the College Leadership by running for an important elected leadership position – Alumni Trustee.

The Alumni Trustee position allows a newly graduated student to sit on the Bergen Community College Board of Trustees, to articulate and voice the needs of the students and to vote on issues.


Tobacco/ Smoke Free Policy

Beginning as an SGA initiative, the college campus has now adopted a smoke-free policy! Bergen is now 100% tobacco-free and 100% smoke-free as of May 2020. Community members can view the Tobacco/Smoke Free Policy to learn more.



"Be the change you want to see."

  • Alternative Spring Break

  • Focus Groups

  • Midterm and Final Exams Policy

  • Online Forum

  • Pay to Print

  • Phone Charging Station

  • Transcript Request Fees

  • Tri-pail Recycling

  • Tuition Credit for SGA Eboard

  • Personnel Directory (Up to date)

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