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Hello to everyone reading this! My name is TaylorLee White and I am a proud member of the Student Government Association's Senate Board, as well as head of the Diversity Committee here at BCC. Now it's time to bore you with a little information about myself. I am calm, level-headed and responsible. I get along well with my fellow students and I love collaborating on various projects around campus. I'm a great listener, I'm empathetic to those in need, and I'm willing to go the extra mile to help. I have a deep passion for any and all things related to Biological Sciences such as marine biology, botany and medicine, but more specifically human anatomy. Being that I am so deeply dedicated to my field of study, I am pursuing a career in the medical field as a General Nurse Practitioner. I am a huge advocate for proper representation, inclusion, equality, and diversity of all cultures and ethnicities for all students of varying backgrounds here on campus. As the leader of the Diversity Committee, expect these values to be implemented for not one, but for all. I am proud to be the voice of students and I am always diplomatic in my relations with students, faculty, staff and administration. I am very active in student life on campus. I love planning events, and I encourage all students to get involved on campus. Personally speaking, I'm sometimes a homebody; I take pleasure in reading, cooking, and meditating! I hope to inspire my fellow students to do their best, and to overcome any downfalls in order to succeed.

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SGA President

and Former Senate Diversity Committee Chair

Major: Biology

Fun fact:

I love to play video games, I love fashion and anything clothes-related, and I'm very keen of cooking and learning new recipes.