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Hi everyone! I am Yoav Aharon, a Senator of SGA and the head of the Academic committee. About myself, I am huge social science nerd as I am interested in sociology, political science, economics, philosophy, and all other social sciences.. I constantly read and learn about these topics and I love discussing them. I am the president of the College Democrats of BCC with a long history of campaigning for progressive candidates. Of course, as a senator of the SGA, the values of liberty, equality, democracy, diversity and anti-exploitation of any kind are high priorities of mine. So expect these values to be represented in our student government. I play a lot of video games, specifically Grand Strategy games such as Hearts of Iron 4 and Europa Universalis 4. I (still) also play Nintendo games and I'm playing Yoshi's island for the SNES at the moment. Feel free to challenge me to Tetris as well, however, you will inevitably lose. I look forward to representing the BCC student body in whatever you all need. I am honored to be a part of SGA and I encourage you all to get involved.

Yoav's head 2 - Yoav Aharon.JPG

SGA Academic Affairs Chair

Major: Sociology

Fun fact:

 I don't do "small talk".

I only do big talk.