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About US

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the voice of Bergen Community College’s students. We play an active role in the shared governance of the College.

The Student Government Association serves as a link between the student body and the college administration, and oversees the administrative aspects of student clubs and organizations.

The Student Government Association is committed to the concept of a democratic form to develop the academic, social, and cultural growth of the student body. The members of our organization are also committed to the fair representation of the student body, and the fulfillment of its needs.

Recognize What You Can Achieve.

Meet The Executive Board


Amanda Kulesza

Program of Study:

Medical Office Assistance

Phone: (201) 879-7210

Room: A-101C

Vice President

Yoav Aharon

Program of Study:


Phone: (201) 879-7226

Room: A-101B


Askar Mirza

Program of Study:

Professional Studies

Phone: (201) 879-7230

Room: A-101D

Executive Secretary

Victoria Jungermann

Program of Study:

Broadcast Journalism

Phone: (201) 879-7452

Room: A-101E

Chief Justice

Victoria Ambartsoumian

Program of Study:

Business Management

Phone: (201) 879-7227

Room: A-101E

Meet Our Alumni Trustee

Alumni Trustee

The position allows a newly graduated student to sit on the Bergen Community College Board of Trustees, articulate and voice the needs of the students, and vote on issues.


Alicia Guidolin Hocman

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